A story dating back almost two hundred years and seven generations, with its roots in Gambellara, in the heart of the Veneto region, a land with an extraordinary vocation for wine production: these are the origins of the Zonin Family, which today controls one of Italy’s – and indeed the world’s -most important private wine companies.

The Zonins are “Vintners since 1821”. About ten years ago, the new generation of the Family joined the company alongside President Gianni Zonin: his sons Domenico (38 years old) and Francesco (37), both Vice-Presidents of Casa Vinicola Zonin, have executive roles.
Domenico is responsible for technical and production matters, whereas Francesco looks after sales and marketing; Gianni’s third son Michele (34) supervises the qualitative aspects of the firm’s organization, such as that of financial control.

For the President, the family is a key concept even within the ambit of the company.

Even though the Zonin Family now owns over 1,800 hectares of vineyards in Italy’s outstanding vine growing areas, Cavaliere Gianni Zonin has not given up his family-style approach, both in his relationships with his colleagues and with the market.