Oysters  with Muscadet (I wouldn’t have red as it will give a metallic taste in the mouth)

It is light with a salty edge and a creamy feel (from lees ageing). Great acidity makes this wine like a squeeze of lemon on your oysters so no need to add extra.

Rib Roast / Steak (not fillet) with Cabernet Sauvignon, Oaked Malbec, Rioja Reserva

The tannins in these wines combine with the fat molecules in the beef and cleanse your mouth which not only bringing out the flavours of both the meat & the wine but it also cleanses your palate ready for the next bite.

Scallops / Lobster / Langoustine with big, ripe whites with oak.

Creamy, ripe, rich texture with citric splash is ideal for meaty, buttery, sweet crustaceans.

Stilton with Port, Monastrell, Riesling, Valpolacella Ripasso

Salty, fatty, fruity yumminess.

Smoked Salmon with Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir

The full flavour and aromatic, citrus qualities of Pinot Gris make it a great match for the oil and smoke of the fish. If you prefer red, Pinot Noir is excellent as it is fruit driven and perfumed with high acidity which will cut through the oils.

Fish & Chips / Calamari / Tempura with Champagne, Crement, Cava

Champagne is very high in acidity so it is essentially the same thing as covering your fish and chips with vinegar. Cuts through the fattiness of the fish and chips, cleanses your palate and has bubbles. What’s not to like???

Lamb with Pinot Noir, Grenache, Rose champagne

The delicate, sweet nature of the meat is a great match for the fruity perfumed nature of pinot noir. Bear in mind if you are having a heavier style lamb dish – i.e. a big roast or bbq you will require a heavier wine to stand up to it. A good choice would be a Rioja Crianza or a Cabernet Franc.

Cured Meats with Sangiovese, Verdelho, Fino Sherry

High tannins in the sangiovese cut through the fat in the meats and its juicy (acidic) nature goes well with the salty flavours in the meat. Verdelho is full bodied but has high acid which is excellent for cutting though fatty foods whilst not being shadowed by their strong flavours

Goat’s cheese with Chablis, Beaujolais, White Port

Chablis' steely character is the perfect foil for the sharp, dry, smoky character of goats’ cheese. There is a reason some of the world’s best goats cheese hails from this part of the world. Light, fresh and fruity Beaujolais is a dream if you prefer red.

Goose / Duck / Pheasant with Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Dry Riesling

The extra fat in game birds requires a bit more acidity. They also work really well with red fruit, so light and fruity high acid reds such as pinot noir or Nebbiolo would be great. Ripe, dry, aromatic Riesling will cut through the fat with the fruit complimenting a stuffing.

Turkey with Oaked white, Pinot Noir, Grenache

Turkey has very little fat so tannins are not your friend here. If you are a red drinker something light and juicy like Grenache or Pinot Noir are ideal. Many people shy away from big, oaky whites, but they are absolutely perfect with Christmas turkey as it compliments the meat’s texture and slightly nutty flavour.


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