There has historically been a perceived link between soils that vines are grown in and the flavour of the wine that you drink. However, there has been quite a lot of research into the subject in the


The Prosecco Bubble Bursts?

Prosecco corks have been popping in the UK at a steadily growing rate for a decade and we drank 112.5 million bottles in 2016 (even leading to a dentist claiming that it was


Sadly, I don't think Philip Hammond reads my articles, however, I'm going to have a moan at him anyway.

The price of wine is about to go up again. The chancellor kindly delayed the increase in duty


Champagne cynic...
I started my wine journey many years before I could afford to buy anything that was famous. I think I had one bottle of Champagne my entire life before age 25 (it was Moet,



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